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WOD - Saturday, 2/3/2018

3 RFQ, with an empty bar
7 Strict presses
7 Goodmornings

A: Strength/Conditioning: Deadlift (21:00)
7 minutes to warm up to working weight
Every 2 minutes x 7 (14 minutes)
5 Deadlifts (255/170)
10 T2B
Complete each round quickly.
Rest in the remaining time.

Rest 5:00

B. Conditioning:
For time:
75 Burpee Box Jump overs (new burpee standards, obvs)

Time cap: 12:00

Extra Credit: Row / Bike
Spend up to 20 minutes rowing or biking at an easy-moderate pace. Nothing crazy. Get the blood flowing and keep the pace steady and conversational.

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