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WOD - Saturday, 4/2/2016


3 RNFT of:
16 KBs (70/53, USSR)

12 Power cleans (empty bar)
4-8 C2B
8-16 Push-Ups

A. Strength: Power cleans (Tester*)

15 minutes to establish a 5RM (T&G)

B. Conditioning:

For time…
25 Power cleans (135/95)
30 T2B
25 Power cleans (135/95)

Time cap: 22 minutes

*We are going to use the next two weeks or so as a time to wind down from the Open but also hit some "testers" as we can get ready for the next chapter in our training: "Strong. Fast. Sexy."

Do your best to get all the testers done and recorded so you know them for future reference. 

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