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WOD - Saturday, 5/11/2019

2 RFQ:
Bill Murray run with plate (35/25)
35 Double Unders* (1:00 Double under practice)
*Rx athletes: Unbroken

For time:
30 Box Jumps (24/20, step down) (buy in)
5 Rounds of
10 DB Hang Snatch (50/35, 5/5, no alternate)
14 T2B* (GHDs, V-Ups, Tuck-ups, sit ups)
5 Rounds of
13 Burpee Pull ups
200m Run with plate (35/25)
30 Box Jumps (24/20, step down) (cash out)

After the initial box jumps, the athlete will complete 5 rounds of the DBs and T2Bs before moving on to 5 rounds of BPUs and Runs. Finish with a cash out of 30 more Box Jumps.
*Rx Athletes must complete all T2Bs in sets of no fewer than 2. Meaning, no singles (Rx only).

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