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WOD - Saturday, 5/5/2018

With a PVC or empty barbell
3 High Hang Power Snatches (pockets)
3 Snatch Balance
3 Tall snatches
3 Hang Snatches (knees)
3 Snatches
x 3

A. Strength: 3 Position Snatch (20:00)
5 x @70-75% of your 1RM snatch
1 High hang snatch (pockets) + 1 Hang snatch (knees) + 1 Full Snatch

If athletes want to drop and reset before the full snatch that's OK.

B. Conditioning
For time, then for weight:
21-18-15-12 Cal Row
42-36-30-24 Double unders (50 singles every round)
With the time remaining:
Find a 1RM hang snatch.

Time Cap: 13 minutes

Scores will be:

  • Time finished the row/dubs
  • Weight of heaviest hang snatch
This is similar to 18.2

Extra Credit: Kettlebell Swings
50 Unbroken


Extra Credit 2: Go outside and enjoy yourself

Coach's Notes:

Why do we work on the snatch and snatch technique?

Goals will vary greatly depending on the athlete’s ability and general goals (ex: the competitive athlete vs. the fitness feind)
For the “fitness feind,” understand this is a dynamic, compound movement (multi joint) that will help you develop full body strength, coordination, core strength, improve balance and, of course, help tone your buns and burn a lot of calories.

The more competitive athletes should understand that when performed mindfully, these movements can help refine technique and identify breakdowns in form. Between the various starting positions of the pull and receiving the bar, every single athlete should have some part of the movement(s) to focus on and aim to improve.
For all athletes, the weight in the strength should be heavy enough to feel but light enough for no misses.

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