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WOD - Saturday, 6/23/2018



5 Wallballs

5 L-sit Pull ups

25 Double unders

A. Skill: Rope Climbs (10:00)
Rx = accumulate up to 10 rope climbs. Try legless climbs if you’re regular RC is solid.
Scaled athletes: spend this time perfecting the foot-lock.

*Wear high socks, sweat pants and/or knees sleeves to protect your skin from a nasty rope burn.
B. Conditioning (30:00)

Every 3 minutes x 10
15/12 Cal row/bike/200m run
10 Wallballs
ODD rounds: 7 L-sit Pull ups (scale with strict pull ups + :10 hanging L-sit)
EVEN rounds: 2 Rope climbs (Scale with a prescribed number of leg-locks, or the L-pull ups and no RCs)
Rest in remaining time.

Extra Credit: Gymnastic Practice
10:00 of handstand walking practice or handstand practice

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