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WOD - Saturday, 6/30/2018

Please make sure to hydrate well!!!

8 KB reverse lunges
10 KB swings
2 Wall walks

A. Strength: Tempo OHS / Box jumps (17:00)
Work up to a heavy set of 4 at a tempo of 3201

Perform 5 Box jumps after each set (30/24, Jump up, step down)

3 seconds down (eccentric).
2 second hold at the bottom.
X = explode up AFAP. (concentric)
1 second rest between reps.

B. Conditioning
“Worth the Weight”**
For time:
55 Wallbals
25 Hang power cleans (155/105)

Time Cap: 9:00


You may substitute today's workout for Tuesday's workout if you didnt do it already.


400m Run

10 Power Clean and Jerks (135/95)


Time Cap 21:00

We’re going to go on a fun little cycle of variation of this workout with increasing weight.

Extra Credit:
1-2 RFQ:
30 Strict T2B
45 GHD SUs
60 Ab-mat sit ups

When you're pissed cause Coach posts the WOD late...but the workout is fire.

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