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WOD - Saturday, 8/20/2016

Mobility: Shoulders/Rotator cuff


3 Hang snatch pulls (1" above knee)

3 Hang power snatches (1" above knee)

3 Snatch pulls (mid shin)

3 Power snatches

x 3

A. Strength: Power snatch (15 minutes)

Work to a heavy complex of:

1 power snatch + 2 hang power snatches

B. Conditioning:

33 Pull-ups

33 V-ups (flat on floor to touching toes)

33 KBs (53/35)

rest exactly 3 minutes


33 Slamballs

11 Burpees over slamball

When you're trying to keep it cool and not complain...but you're dying inside because coach programmed burpees twice in 3 days.

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