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WOD - Saturday, 9/29/2018

WU: Coach's Choice


A. Gymnastics Skill: Handstands, etc.
We will be working on skills to improve your
Handstand push ups
Free Standing Handstand
Handstand Walk

B. Team Series Workout #6
With a partner:
2 Rounds for time of:
100-cal. row (total, switching every 25 cals)
50 handstand push-ups (Divide anyway you want - does not have to be equal - total 50)

Time cap: 20 minutes

Extra Credit: Odd Object Core and Shoulder Stability

1-2 Rounds using KBs/DBs of your choice

100ft KB Suitcase carry/KB Front Rack Carry (50ft./50ft. - there and back = 50ft.)

100ft KB Suitcase carry/KB Overhead Carry (50ft./50ft.)

100ft KB Front Rack Carry/KB Overhead carry (50ft./50ft.)

50ft. Double KB Overhead Carry (both hands)

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