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WOD - Saturday's, 6/4/2016

WU: 3 RNFT: (These are meant to be light)

10 Goblet Squats

10 KBs

10 1-Legged KB Deadlift (Each Leg)

A. Strength: Deadlift (20 minutes)

5 x 1 @85%

B. Conditioning:


3 rounds for time

400m run

21 KBs (53/35)

12 Pull ups

Time cap: 16 minutes

"Helen" is a benchmark or "girl" workout. Come prepared to crush it. If you Rx it and get a top 5 score (male/female) you will be immortalized on our leader-board. In order to qualify for the leader-board you must go Rx and have your score verified by at least one other athlete.

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