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WOD - Sunday, 1/21/2018

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The PVC Game (wallwalks, ring rows and burpees)

A. Gymnastics practice/Skill: Strict Ring Muscle Ups (10 minutes)

RX: If you have RMUs work on strict MUs today. Try to accumulate up to 10 quality reps.

If you have MUs but don't hast strict MUs take some time to work on tempo pull ups and ring dips.

Super set:

5 x

5 Ring dips (tempo = 53X3*)/5 Strict pull ups (tempo: 51X5**),

*Tempo for dips: 5 seconds down, 3 seconds at the bottom, press up as fast as possible, 3 second hold at the top.

**Pull ups tempo: 5 seconds down, 1 second hold at the bottom, up as fast as possible and a 5 second hold at the top with your chin over the bar. (I know this can be confusing when the numbers start with the eccentric phase, in the middle of the movement).

Scaled (If you don't have a muscle up yet):

Ring dips and pull ups can be substituted with push ups and ring rows.

Same tempos as above.

Aside from the prescribed timed holds at the bottom and top of the movements, focus on maintaining continuous motion. The key here is to not stop or rest at any point during the eccentric or concentric phases - keep the body moving at a controlled speed.

B. Conditioning:

"Lost at Sea"

With your favorite workout buddy

For time:

60 Cal row or bike

60 HSPUs (seated DB overhead press)

60 Cal row or bike

60 KBs (70/53)

60 Cal row or bike

60 Slamballs (30/20)

Divide the work anyway you choose as long as its equal.

Time Cap: 22 minutes

Extra Credit 1: Banded Push ups

3 x ME

Extra Credit 2: Meal Prep

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