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WOD - Sunday, 1/28/2018


"Bring Sally Up"

Hovering Push-ups

A. DB Pushup to Renegade Row (10:00)
3-5 x 10 (each arm, 50/35)
Holding a DB is each hand, perform:

1 Push up + 1 Row (right) + 1 Push up + 1 Row (left)

B. Conditioning: (22:30)

"Welcome to Paradise"
Teams of 2.
1:30 work / :45 rest/transition x 10 (5 full rounds each).
Partner A:
Complete 21/15 Cals row/bike + ME Burpees over Erg (rower) (same new burpee standards)
Partner B:
Complete 15 KBs (53/35) + 10 T2Bs + ME Double unders (scale = Lateral jumps over a barbell.)

Switch every round.

Record totals of both the BoE and Dubs as a team.

Extra Credit 1:

"Bring Sally Up"

Ring Rows

Extra Credit2: Meal Prep.

Now is the best time to start anything that does you good.

Literally every time I program.

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