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WOD - Sunday, 10/15/2017

WU: Gymnastics work

Partner: wheel barrow, 100ft each.


1/2 TABATA: Handstand holds

A. Strength: Strict press (12 minutes)

Work to a 8RM for the day. If you have extra time drop to 90% of your 8RM and complete up to 3 more sets of 8.

Bench press will be back next week.

B. Conditioning

“Partner Cindy”


5 pull ups

10 Push ups

15 Air Squats

Rx = Wear a weighted vest (20/14)

“I go / you go” - Partner one completes a full round then partner two completes a full round, and so on.

Score is total rounds + reps.

Extra Credit: Meal Prep

Understanding what you are eating and how much you are eating is vital to nutritional success.

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