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WOD - Sunday, 10/18/2015

WU. Snatch complex (with empty bar)
3 High hang power snatches
3 Hang power snatches
3 power snatches
3 Snatch balances
x 2
A. Strength/skill: High hang snatch
12 minutes to establish a heavy 3 of high hang snatches
B. Conditioning
in groups of 4 athletes, rotating stations EMOTM for 20 minutes (5 sets)
1. 200m row
2. 7 burpee over box
3. 6 hang power snatches (115/75)
4. rest
Each partner will start at a different station and rotate each minute to a different station.
The high hang snatch, aka the dip snatch.
How cool is this?!!
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