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WOD - Sunday, 10/22/2017

Barbells For Boobs!!

We're finally here! Its time for our 2nd annual Barbells 4 Boobs Bonanza!!!

Doors will open: 9AM.

First Heat: 10:00AM (Sharp)

In order to properly warm up please arrive at least 45 minutes before your scheduled heat.

Food and drinks: Noon.

By the way, its not too late to donate to this wonderful cause.

Will we see coach Elie in a tutu??? We'll see....

WU: (on your own, 25-30 minutes before scheduled heat time)

400m jog



10 Squat Jumps

10 Push ups

then, with an empty bar
4 Hang muscle cleans (1" above knee)
4 Hang power cleans (1" above knee)
4 Push jerks (focus on timing of lockout and feet)
4 Power cleans (mid-shin)
x 3

A. "Grace" Prep: Power Clean and Push Jerk: (Start this 8-15 minutes before your scheduled heat)

build to 2-3 x 3 @+10-50# above your working weight for "Grace"

Complete your last set 1-3 minutes before your heat starts.

B. Benchmark Workout: "Grace"

30 Power Clean and Jerk for time (135/95)

Time cap: 10:00

Extra Credit: Eat, Drink and be Merry.

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