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WOD - Sunday, 11/19/2017

Froning/Fraser vs. The World


3 RFQ:

25 Double unders (Rx = unbroken)

5-10 Chin ups

10 Diamond push ups

A. Strength/Prep: Bench Press (6:00)

Warm-up to and get comfy with your working weight for the MetCon.

B. Conditioning:

"Fraser Froning vs. The World"

10 rounds each for time (20 total):
50 Double unders
15 T2B
5 Bench press (225/155)

10 rounds each. Each partner completes a full round then the other partner completes a full round. Back and forth until each partner completes 10 (20 rounds total).

Time Cap: 35:00

Froning/Fraser's time to beat: 25:28.

Tim Paulson and his buddy attempt to beat Fraser and Froning...Can they do it? You'll have to watch the whole thing an see...or just fast forward to the end...or just see the length of the video....

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