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WOD - Sunday, 12/2/2018

TABATA: Push-ups/KBs (Alternate)

A. Strength
Power Clean (1 x 3)
Build to a heavy triple. 1.1.1 or touch and go
Bench Press (1 x 3)
Super set with the power cleans. This is not about getting super heavy as much as getting ready for the Met Con.

B. Metcon
Heaven and Hell
For time, with a partner:
Power Clean
Bench Press
GHD Sit up
Rx = 185/125 ← (about 70% of athletes 1 RMs) (The working weight should not exceed 75% of athlete’s 1RM PC or BP for each lift.)

I go / you go full sets.
Partner 1 --> 10 PCs
Partner 2 --> 10 PCs,
P1 --> 10 BP/P2 10 BP

Scale GHDs with Sit ups (x1.5)

Time cap: 30:00

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