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WOD - Sunday, 2/21/2016

Sunday Funday

3 RFT:
21 Hollow rocks
7 pull ups/chin ups (2 second hold on top)
A. Strength/Gymnastic skill work: Pistols (a.k.a. The single-legged squat) (12 minutes)
Rx Accumulate 50 pistol squats (25 each leg, alternating). Try to be smooth, keeping a consistent rhythm with this movement.
You and your coach will find the right progression that works for you.
In teams of 2-3*, one person works at a time. Relay style (one teammate must finish an entire round then high-five the next teammate to begin their round)
9 Cal row
9 Wallballs 
9 T2B 
Score = total calories as a team. Tie breaker goes to the remaining reps in the round. so the score could look like 81+17 (9 WBs + 8 T2B)
*Teams of 3:
Partners start as partner in front of them begins first T2B.
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