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WOD - Sunday, 2/25/2018

3 RFQ:
16 Kettlebell Swings (light)
4-8 C2B Chin-Ups
:20 Handstand hold (Plank)

A. Strength: Deadlift (20:00)
4 x 5 @75%

B. Conditioning
With your best workout bud
60 - 50 - 40 - 30
Deadlift (165/115)
HR push ups
Abmat Sit-ups

Divide the reps any way you choose - as long as its equal.
Time Cap: 20:00

Extra Credit: Meal Prep
We may not know what 18.2 will be but we should know exactly what we’re eating.

Set yourself up for success!
For optimal results, keep these three things in mind when you get to preppin':

  1. Eat real food.
  2. Mostly plants.
  3. Not too much.
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