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WOD - Sunday, 3/18/2018


3 RFQ:

10 Wallballs (Unbroken)

5 False-grip chest to ring pull ups (5 C2B Chin ups)

2 Wallwalks

A. Strength: Thrusters (13:00)
Build to a heavy triple

B. Conditioning
With a partner
For time:
Thrusters (95/65, Rx = Unbroken)
BFB (Open standards)

Time cap: 20.

I go/you go. 

Athlete 1: 15 Thrusters

Athlete 2: 15 Thrusters

Athlete 1: 12 Thrusters

Athlete 2: 12 Thrusters…9/9/6/6/3/3, C2Bs: 15/15/12/12,etc
Complete all the reps for the thrusters before moving on to the C2Bs. Complete all the C2Bs before moving on to BFBs.

Coach Delfina / Coach Elie: 12:40 Rx.

Extra Credit: Meal Prep

It starts by making the right decisions. Maybe your choice sounds like this: "Should I meal prep or order in?"

Develop habits that make you successful. What is the best version of your day?

The little things add up. One day of not eating right is no big deal. 1 day, then another, then another...3 months later and there will a big difference. Same thing goes for eating clean. One day of eating healthy will not make a big difference...but over time you will have completely changed your life.

Start today. Keep going.

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