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WOD - Sunday, 4/15/2018

Buddy Day


You'll see.

A. Strength: Strict press (15:00)
2 x 10 @55%
2 x 8 @65%
2 x 6 @75%

B. Conditioning

With a buddy,

"Tax Man"
For time:
100/75 Cal row
70 Burpee Box jump overs
50 DB Power cleans (50s/35s)
30 Wallwalks

Divide the reps anyway you choose - as long as its equal.
Time Cap: 20:00

Extra Credit 1: Kettlebell Swings
50 Unbroken

Extra Credit 2: Meal Prep
Set yourself up for success!
For optimal results, keep these three things in mind when you get to preppin':

  • Eat real food.
  • Mostly plants.
  • Not too much.

When the WOD is actually posted.

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