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WOD - Sunday, 5/13/2018

Happy Mother' Day!!

Happy mother's day to all those strong, powerful,  beautiful mothers out there!! Xoxoxo


The Richie surprise!!

A. Strength: Power cleans (15:00)
Build to a heavy triple. Drop and go OK.

B. Conditioning:
Teams of 2
100 Cal. Row* (Divide anyway you please)
60 Power Cleans (185/125) (Divide any way you please, but equally)

*"Resting" partner holds barbell in front rack position (185/125). Rowing partner may not accumulate calories unless "resting" partner is holding bar in racked position.
Time Cap: 15:00


Extra Credit: Meal Prep
Set yourself up for success!
For optimal results, keep these three things in mind when you get to preppin':

  • Eat real food.
  • Mostly plants.
  • Not too much.
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