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WOD - Sunday, 5/20/18

Regionals Stuff


2 RFQ:


10 C2Ring ring rows (hold 10th rep for :10 at top)

A. Midline/Core/Grunt work (10:00)
400m Single arm KB front rack carry (70/53)

Pick a weight that is intimidating (but doable) and get your grunt work in. You can change arms as needed. Make sure to continue engaging your core throughout the entire 400m.

B. Conditioning
CrossFit Regionals Event #2
4 rounds for time of:
200-m run (together)
21 synchro C2B
10 Sandbag cleans (divide any way you choose, but equally)

Time cap: 17 minutes

Extra Credit: Side Planks
3-5 rounds of:
1:00 Right
1:00 Left
:30 rest

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