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WOD - Sunday, 5/31/2015

Sunday Funday

With an empty bar complete the following complex:
3 high hang snatches
3 hang snatches
3 power snatches (from mid shin)
A. Strength/skill: Snatch
12 minutes to work up to a heavy snatch barbell complex of:
1 Power snatch + 2 hang snatches
B. Conditioning:
In teams of 2, one partner working at a time;
50 cal row
25 power snatches (95/65)
40 cal row
20 power snatches 
30 cal row
15 power snatches
20 cal row
10 power snatches
10 cal row
5 power snatches
400m run buy out (together)
oooooOOOo, a partner wod!!!
Tomorrow's schedule:
9am open gym
10 AM class
11 AM class
1215 free class
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