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WOD - Sunday, 6/26/2016


3 RNFT (with an empty bar)

8 Hang power snatches

8 Snatch balances


A. Strength: Hang snatch complex (15 minutes)

15 minutes to get a heavy complex of: 2 hang snatches

If you are unable to get under the bar, you must: hang power snatch + OHS + hang power snatch + OHS.

B. Conditioning:

With a friend,

AMRAP 16 of:
8 Hang Power Snatches
8 Power Cleans

8 S2OH

Each movement must be done unbroken. If you drop the bar mid set, you and your partner must complete 5 synchronized burpees before you can continue. Use one barbell for all the movements. Scale to the weakest movement. If partners need different weights they can each have their own bar.

I go/you go style:

P1: 8 HPS

P2: 8 HPS

P1: 8 OHS

P2: 8 OHS

P1: 8 PC

P2: 8 PCs


Extra credit:

Do the W.O.W. 

When coach says "find a friend" for the partner WOD.

**Reminder that we will be watching the season finale of Game of Thrones tonight at the box. Bring snacks!

In honor of GoT season finale, this will be GoT GiF week, too. 

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