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WOD-Sunday, 7/10/2016


400m run with medball (+ prep for Event 1)

*A CFCi Mini Partner Competition!*

Event 1:

4 Rounds

:45 ME Synchronized burpee-high-fives (2 hands, every time)

:15 seconds rest.

Score = total SBHF

Rest 5 minutes (warm up for Event 2)



20 Plate ground to overhead (45/35)

(Partner 1 does 10, then partner 2 completes 10)

20 alternating box jumps

Score = total reps

Rest 5 minutes (prep for Event 3)

Event 3:

3 Rounds for time:

400m run, together

30 Wallballs

60 Double unders

Reps can be broken up anyway you want, does not have to be equal

Time cap: 16 minutes.

If your team is capped your score will be 16:00 (minutes) + each remaining rep. So, if my team was 13 reps from finishing my teams score would be 16:13. The 400m run counts as 10.

When you and your partner aint got the same game..

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