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WOD - Sunday, 7/3/2016


Wallball Musical chairs (bear crawl/crab walk)

A. Strength: Thrusters

Work up to a heavy triple

B. Conditioning:

For time, with a partner


Thrusters (115/75)

immediately into 


Burpees over the bar

One partner works at a time, each partner is responsible for all reps. 

P1: 1 thruster

P2: 1 thruster

P1: 2 thrusters

P2: 2 thrusters

P1: 3 thrusters.

P2: 3 thrusters....and so on until they each complete 11 reps. Reps do not have to be unbroken (they should be) but all reps in a set must be completed before you switch. 

Extra credit:

Bro-sesh superset

5 x

15 KB curls, alternate, each arm

10-20 GHD SU or hollowrocks

25 banded tri pull downs

My thoughts on thrusters.

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