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WOD - Sunday, 7/8/18


3 RFQ:
8 KB/DB snatches (alternate)
50ft. Monster Crawl
50ft. Burpee-broad jump
:20 Handstand hold

A. Strength/Gymnastics Skill/Core
ODD: 10 T2B
Even: 15 Slamballs

B. Conditioning

With your buddy


10 Rounds for time (each):

8 KB/DB Snatches (4/4, 50/35)

200m Sandbag/odd object carry

"Resting Partner"

15 Incline push ups (Feet elevated) + 50 ft Monster crawl

Time Cap: 25:00

Today's workout is dedicated to Duke, Jack "Fraser" Shammah's dog, who was laid to rest on 7/7/2018 after a year long battle with cancer. He was an sweet tempered, athletic dog and Jack's best friend. Duke would have been 11 years in October. Let's honor Duke!

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