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WOD - Sunday, 8/19/2018


3 RFQ:

6 Chin ups

25ft Handstand Walk (100ft Bear Crawl)

12 Wallballs

15 KBs (USSR)

A. Strength: Power Clean (8:00)
Build to your working weight of Part B

B. Conditioning:
For time, with your RIDE OR DIE:
"Holley Man + Murph (Sorta)"
10 rounds of (5 rounds each, alternate full rounds):
12 Wall Balls 20/14
9 HSPU's
3 Power Cleans 185/125

After the 10 rounds are completed, continue on to:

50 Cal Bike/Row
80 Pull-Ups
120 Push-Ups
160 Air Squats
50 Cal Bike/Row Try to get athletes to do both row and bike. One at the start and the other at the finish
(Divide reps as you choose, but evenly)

Time CAP: 34min.

Extra Credit 1:

400m Suitcase Carry with (1 x 70/53)
100 Russian KB Swings (70/53)
400m Farmer Carry with (1 x 70/53)

Extra Credit 2: Meal Prep
Set yourself up for success!
For optimal results, keep these three things in mind when you get to preppin':
Eat real food.
Mostly plants.
Not too much.

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