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WOD - Sunday, 8/23/2015

A. Strength: Weighted ring dips
8 mins to work up to a heavy 5
B. Conditioning:
EMOTM for 14 minutes:
Odd: 15 KB swings (USA, 53/35)
Even: 10 T2B
This will be one of those rare occasions that I'm okay with you wearing gloves or gymnastic straps or anything else you want to protect your hands during the toes to bar.
C. Conditioning:
100 wallballs for time*
*Anytime The ball is dropped or there is excessive rest you must immediately complete a Bill Murray before continuing on with the wallballs. 
Time cap: 16 mins.
Big shout out to my man Hi-me on his first oly meet. He worked his ass off and competed like a pro. Here he is PRong his C&J
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