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WOD - Sunday, 8/26/2018

Wallball Russian Twist Conga Line.

A. Strength: Bench Press / Single-Leg Single-Arm DB/KB Deadlift (15:00)
BP: Work up to a heavy double
SLSADB/KBDL*: 8 reps per leg between each BP set. Heavy, but in control.

Complete at least 5 sets.

*To perform the SLSADB/KBDL correctly, keep your hips as squared as possible using your abs/obliques to prevent your body from getting twisty or floppy. You should feel this movement activating your hips, butt, hammies, core and anything you use to balance.

If your left foot is grounded hold the DB/KB in your right hand.

B. Conditioning
With a buddy you dont mind getting gross with!
5 Rounds (20:00):
Partner 1: 1:00 --> ME Bench press (135/75)
immediately into;
1:00 --> ME Cals Row/Bike
Then Partner 2 does the same as P1.

Complete 5 rounds each.

Partner 1 works for 2:00 straight then rests while Partner 2 does their 2:00. While their partner Row/Bikes, Resting partner will be preparing their weight for the BP (if different from their partner's) so they can go immediately when its their turn.

RX+ 185/100 (must be able to hit at least 10 unbroken when fresh to qualify for Rx+)

Score = Total BPs and Total Cals separately. (For example: 35/97 → BP/Cal)

Extra Credit: Barbell Drag Curls / Banded Tri Pull Downs

3 x

15 Drag Curls*

25 Banded Tri Pull Downs (This should hurt by rep 15. Go fast)

*Holding a barbell as you would normally hold it when performing curls. As you curl the bar, pull your elbows back so the bar maintains contact with your body throughout the entire movement.

Extra Credit 2: Meal Prep

If you don;t know why you should meal prep please consult your nearest coach ASAP so we can remedy this dire situation.

Coming in hot for "Drag" curls!

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