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WOD - Sunday, 9/11/2016

9/11 Memorial WOD

9/11 Memorial WoD

For time:

343 burpees.

343 firefighters died instantly when the Twin Towers collapsed on September 11 2001. To honor their sacrifice, we will do one burpee for every fallen firefighter.

​There is no time cap for this workout and no music will be played during this WoD.

If you have any friends or relatives who would like to honor the FDNY and 9/11 with us you may invite them to join us.

During today's WoD, rather than dwell on the negatives associated with 9/11, I'd like us to stay focused on the Heroes who gave their lives for our city and bravery and resilience of every New Yorker that stayed strong even in the darkest times.

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