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WOD - Sunday, 9/23/2018


5 Compression Crunches (you'll see...)
5 Supermans
10 Scap circles (5 forward/5 backward)
5 Lat Activation Ring Rows

A. Strength: Deadlift (10:00)
Work up to a moderate triple

Remember: Even though we’re “competing” with these team series workouts we don't want to go too crazy here with the heavy weights because we’re still deloading a little bit in anticipation of some testers coming up later this week. (Front Squat 1RM and D.T.)

B. CrossFit Games Team Series Workout #3
With a partner
For time:
Synchro Pull-Ups
Synchro Deadlift

Rx = 225/155, Scaled: 135/95

Time Cap: 15 minutes

Extra Credit: Strict K2E
3-5 x 10

  1. Tuck
  2. Push the bar down with straight arms and lean back.
  3. Knees touch elbows or go through the window your arms make.
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