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WOD - Thursday, 1/24/2019

5 Controlled Kips
5 K2E
5 Rotational K2E
1 Rope Climp

A. Gymnastics Skill: T2B (8 x 2-8)
2-8 T2B
Your goal here should be to work on improving the fluidity of this movement. Everyone has something to work on here. If you can barely do one good one - make sure you get 1-2 a min. If you have trouble stringing reps together - concentrate on getting at least 2 in a row, smoothly.

3 Rounds for Time
30 Calories Row/Ski
1 Rope Climb
30 Medball Cleans
1 Rope Climb
30 Rotational K2E*
1 Rope Climb

Time Cap: 27:00
*Right knee to left elbow, vise versa, 15/15

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