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WOD - Thursday, 1/25/2018





Handstand holds (plank hold)

A. Strength: Weighted Pull Ups (10:00)

5 x 5 @70% of your 1RM weighted Pull up

If you dont have one, find one in 7:00 or less and then hit 2-3 x 5 @70%

B. Conditioning:

For time:

21 BMUs

21 HSPUs

27 C2B

27 Ring Dips

35 Pull ups

35 Push ups

Scaling options:

21 Pull Ups / Jumping C2B / Banded C2B

21 Seated DB Presses / Pike Push ups / Downward Dog Push Ups

27 Banded Pull Ups / Jumping pull ups

27 Banded Ring Dips / Chair Dips

35 Ring Rows

35 Push ups

Extra Credit 1: Bro Sesh

3-4 x

20 Alt. DB Bicept Curls (10/10, AHAP)

25 Banded Tricep Pull Downs

Extra Credit 2: Recover.

Take 10-45 minutes working on mobility, stretch, role out, relax, reconnect with loved ones, go outside...even meditate. Find your inner and outer balance, man.  

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