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WOD - Thursday, 10/26/2017


2 RFQ:

200m Jog

3 Man Makers (light)


1 Man-maker

with 1 DB in each hand

1 push up

1 row right hand

1 row left hand

1 thruster

A. Strength: Push press (15 minutes)
3-5 x 5 @95% of 5RM

B. Conditioning

Partner vs. Partner


Buy in

1 Bill Murray (race)

first partner back gets to start on the rower

While partner 1 Rows for calories

partner 2

5 Man Makers (50/35)

Keep switching after every 5 Man-Makers.


Athletes will reset the rower each time they start their set on the machine. Each athlete will keep track of their calories. Athlete with the most calories wins.

Extra Credit: Mobility

Take some time to help your body become a supple piece of machinery.

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