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WOD - Thursday, 10/4/2018

"1/2 Nate" + "Annie"

8 Scap circles (4 forward/4 backward)
4 Chin ups
8 KBs
16 Double unders

A. Strength: Push Press (10:00)
Find a 5RM

B. Conditioning (12:00)
“½ Nate”
2 Muscle ups (Burpee C2Bs)
4 HSPUs (Push press 95/65)
8 KBs (70/53)

Rest 2:00

C. Conditioning/Benchmark (10:00)
Double unders (x2-3 singles)
Abmat Sit ups

Time Cap: 10:00

“Annie” is a “Benchmark” or “Girl” workout. If you score a top 5 score (male/female) you will be immortalized on CFCI’s leader board...that is until someone knocks you off….Leaderboard scores must be verified by a coach or fellow Rx athlete.

Compare today to 3/7/2018

Extra Credit: Crossover Symmetry

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