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WOD - Thursday, 11/23/2017

The Thanksgiving Throwdown


400m run (with Medball)



10 Wallballs

10 KBs

10 Burpees

Team Competition Style

Show up with your team ready to crush it.

Teams of 3.

Event #1

"Cranberrie Sauce"


ME Slamballs

EMOTM switch athletes. Each athlete will work for 1:00 x 2.

Score is total Slamballs.

Events #2 & 3 (14:00)

"Peas with Those Mashed Potatoes"


Establish a 3RM Thruster. 1 Barbell per team

Score will be total weight lifted as a team.


Athlete 1: 155

Athlete 2: 125

Athlete 3: 95

Score = 375


ME Wallwalks

one athletes works at a time.

Score is total WWs as a team.

Event #4

"Gobble Gobble Wobble Wobble"

60 Cal Row* (20 per athlete, one athlete at a time)
21 Synchronized Burpees (athletes on the floor at the same time)
21 Thrusters**

*Row can be substituted with a run - 600m, 200m per athlete - one at a time.

**Weight of Thruster increases each round

Round 1 – 65/45
Round 2 – 95/65
Round 3 – 115/80
Round 4 – 135/95
Round 5 – 155/105

If you dont have a team prepped before class - fear not!! We will get you on a killer team!!

Extra Credit: Thanksgiving

Enjoy your Thanksgiving the best way you know how.

Thanksgiving is a great time to reflect on the things that make your life a more fulfilling and meaningful experience. Personally, I am immeasurably thankful for the CFCI community. You have grown to become my family and you have added a richness to my life I could have never imagined.

Thank you!!

Getting pumped for The Thanksgiving Throwdown.

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