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WOD - Thursday, 11/9/2017

Early Birds: Crossover symmetry

WU: (5:00)
Double unders practice
If you have 25+ unbroken consistently go for 3 sets of ME unbroken. Let's try to set a PR.
If you have less than 25+ unbroken take this time to work on your dubs.

A. Strength: Push press (18 minutes)
3-5 x 3 @90% of your 3RM from last week.

B. Conditioning
For time
100 Double unders (2:30 time limit)
Into 3 rounds for time:
21 HR Push ups
15 Ring Dips
After the 3 rounds are completed directly into
100 Double unders

Time Cap: 18 Minutes

Extra Credit: Mobility

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