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WOD - Thursday, 12/1/2016

WU: Split Jerk Technique

7 Tall Split jerks (feet only, hands on hips, no dip)

7 Split jerks (feet only, hands on hips, with dip)

7 OH Split jerks (bar locked-out over head throughout movement)

7 Split jerks

x 2

A. Gymnastics/skill: Muscle ups (15 minutes)

If you have muscle ups - accumulate up to 30.

If you don't (yet) have muscle ups, work on a muscle up progressions.

Here are some options for muscle up progressions:

Option 1:

3 ring rows

3 MU transitions

3 ring dips

Option 2:

Banded, seated strict MU

Option 3: 

Banded MU

B. Conditioning:

4 rounds with purpose:

1 Bill Murray

+ 3 sets each round (12 total rounds)

5 C2B

7 HR push ups

Time Cap: 20 minutes

For this work out, quality of movement should take priority over time. Full range of motion and beautiful movements. 

Extra Credit: Row or bike for 10-20 minutes. No time trials. No goals other than to keep moving the whole time. Be courteous of ongoing classes.

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