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WOD - Thursday, 12/13/2018

Monster Crawl WU
50ft Monster Crawl
15 Jumping Jacks (clapping behind your back)
10 DB Burpee Snatches (5/5)
50ft Monster Crawl
10 DB Burpee Snatches
15 Jumping Jacks
50ft Monster Crawl

The Monster Crawl is similar to the bear crawl except your knees are bent, nearly touching the floor, and your steps are small and deliberate.


Strength: Push Press
Build to a heavy 1. If you're feeling good Hit a new PR! If you've been consistent with the push press cycle this is your time to shine! Crush it.
Newer athletes: Build to a heavy 3-5. Your focus should be on the quality of the movement not the heaviness.

B. Metcon
“Fight Gone Different” (3 Rounds for reps)
3 Rounds
1 Minute Max Wall Balls (20/14)
1 Minute Max Sit-Ups
1 Minute Max Box Jumps (Step Down)
1 Minute Max Pull-Ups
1 Minute REST
Record total reps in each round

Extra Credit : Row/GHD SUs
5 Rounds for Quality
500m row (75% intensity)
:45 Bicycle Kick Crunches

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