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WOD - Thursday, 12/27/2018

3 Rounds For Quality
8 Cal Ski/Bike/Row
8 DB Hang Power Clean and Press

Farmer's Presses/Carries (5 x 10 +100ft, each side)

Rx: Men: 115/35KB
Women: 70/26


While Holding a heavier weight by your side (farmer's carry) complete 10 strict presses with a KB/DB. Once completing the 10th press, walk 100ft with the heavier object in the farmer's position while the KB/DB you pressed is in the Front Rack position.

"Grips, Hips and Whips"
3 RFT:
50 KBs (USSR, 70/53)
50 Ab-mat Sit-ups (Anchored feet)
100 Double Unders
Time Cap: 18:00

Extra Credit
For Time:
Ski Cals
Push Ups


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