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WOD - Thursday, 2/1/2018


TABATA: Double unders / Handstand holds (alternate)

Count your Dubs

A: Gymnastics: Muscle ups (15 minutes)
Accumulate up to 30 muscle ups
If you dont have muscle ups
10 x
5 Ring dips / 5 MU transitioning / 5 strict pull ups

B. Conditioning
For time:
50 Double unders (DUs)
25 KBs (70/53)
40 DUs
20 KBs
30 DUs
15 KBs
20 DUs
10 KBs
10 DUs
5 KBs

Time cap: 12 minutes

Extra Credit 1: Single Arm DB push presses
4 x ME.
Start with your nondominant arm. Complete asAMRAP then match it with your dominant arm. Pick a weight that will get you at least 10 but not more than 20.

Extra Credit 2: Do this week's WOW

Seriously, why haven't you done it already?

Extra Credit 3: Mobility

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