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WOD - Thursday, 2/22/2018

The first workout in this year's CrossFit Games Open will be announced tonight at 8PM. Join us at the box for a viewing party followed by a "Thursday Night Lights Through-Down" featuring team captains, Jack, Becca, Eli B. and Steph L. Come to watch the announcement and celebrate the kickoff the 2018 Open in style with our brave leaders leading the way!!

WU: Partner Rowling
2000 meters for time split between two partners. 10 rounds each on the rower, looking to land exactly on 100 meter intervals until the screen says 2000 meters. There will be a “penalty” for the partner who gets off the rower for every meter they are under or over the 100 meter interval. For example, if they land at 97 or 103, penalty is 3 burpees. Partner getting on the rower must wait until their partner completing the penalty is finished before they begin rowing. They can sit ready on the erg as they wait.

A. Skill
Choose two GOATs
ODD: Movement of your choice
Even: Different movement of your choice


  • Double unders (up to 35)
  • HSPUs (up to 10)
  • C2Bs/Pullups/ring rows (up to 10)
  • Ring/Bar Muscle ups (up to 5)
  • T2B (up to 10)
  • Box jumps (up to 10)
  • Pistols (aka “Single-legged squat”, up to 10, 5/5, alternating)
  • Row (up to 15 cals)
Intensity should be lower today. It is not about going crazy, grunting etc, it is about refining movement and preparing our bodies for the Open.
You will benefit greatly if you come to class with a plan. If you don't have a plan - fear not! Our coaches are here to guide you toward optimizing your time.

Extra Credit 1: Row/bike

Row/bike up to 10:00-20:00 nice and easy. Build a light stretch and get the blood flowing to flush out any built up lactic acid.

Extra Credit 2: Recovery:

Meal prep, stretch, roll out, meditate, spend quality time with quality people who make you feel happy. Do whatever it is that makes you feel recharged, relaxed and prepared to take on 18.1

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