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WOD - Thursday, 2/7/2019

Handstand Practice!
3 x Around-the-worlds (each direction)
Placing your feet on a box and hands on the floor, maintain a 90 degree angle bent at the hip and walk around the box with on your hands.

EMOM x 40min.
Min. 1.) 12/10 Calories of your choice
Min. 2.) 6 HSPU
Min. 3.) 50 Double Unders
Min. 4.) 1min. Plank or Practicing skill of your choice (HS Walk 25ft.)

Cals can be between the assault bike, row, or ski.

If you really want to make today hard you can shoot for 15/12 cals and 15 burpees. That will definitely take it up a notch ;)

Rx+ = Strict HSPUs

Extra Credit: Mobility and Mindfulness
Take some time to pay attention to your body (and mind). Stretch, roll, meditate, call an old friend, etc... help yourself feel rejuvenated (mind, body and soul).

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