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WOD - Thursday, 2/8/2018


3 sets

10 snap to hollows (holding a PVC, :02 hold)

10 snap to Supermans (Holding a PVC, :02 hold)

10 Kips on bar (pull to hollow / pull to arch)

10 Kip with straight-arm pull downs

1-3 Bar muscle ups

A. Strength: Press in Split Jerk Stance (15:00)

5-5-5-5-5-5, start light and increase weight each set.

B1. Gymnastics skill work:


3 BMU (, 5 Jumping BMUs, 3 Burpee C2B) + 35 Dubs (10 jumping jacks)

Rest 3:00


20 Slamballs

10 Elevated Ring Rows

Extra Credit: Kneeling KB one-arm strict press

4 x 12, each side

*Kneeling on left knee, left arm presses, vice versa

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