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WOD - Thursday, 3/1/2018

WU: Turkish Get-Up practice.
Steps to a TGU:

  1. Hug KB, roll on your back
  2. Press KB straight up
  3. Free arm at a 45° angle, feet apart
  4. Plant foot (same side as KB)
  5. Drive through elbow (free hand)
  6. On to your free hand
  7. Hips up
  8. Sweep extended leg through into lunge position
  9. Straighten up
  10. Stand up
  11. Reverse steps for descent.

A. Turkish Get-ups (10:00)
Build to a heavy double (R/L/R/L)

B. Conditioning
With a partner
800m run (together)
24 Turkish Get-Ups* (53/35, 12 each)
800m Run (together)

Time cap: 22:00

*Divide the TGUs anyway you want as long as its equal. Dont rush this movement.

Extra Credit: Recovery
Dedicate some time to recover! Stretch, mash, roll out, etc. Spend extra time on any areas that feel extra sticky. Spend time with people that help you feel energized and happy.

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