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WOD - Thursday, 3/15/2018



10 V-ups
10 Alt. DB Lunges (5/5, right DB in front rack, left in suitcase carry)
10 Ring Rows (Rx = false grip)
10 Alt. DB lunges (5/5, left db in front rack, right in suitcase carry)
1 Wallwalk

A. Conditioning:


20/16 Cal row or bike

15 KBs (53/35)

10 Burpee Box Jump Overs (24/20)

2 Wallwalks

Time cap: 20:00

B. Gymnastics  (7:00)

Work on handstand push ups.

Be careful to not accumulate too many reps as its possible they will be in 18.4 (<30).

Rather than doing a lot of reps, focus on technique/movement quality.

If you don't (yet) have HSPUs, or dont want to exhaust those muscles too much, spend this time working on a skill that will get you one step closer.

  • (TABATA) Straight arm planks

  • (TABATA) Straight arm planks with shoulder taps

  • Handstand holds (facing wall)

  • Handstand holds (facing away from wall)

  • HR push ups

  • Freestanding handstands

  • Handstand walks

Extra credit: Hollowrocks
Complete 125 in as few sets as possible.

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