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WOD - Thursday 3/26/2015

Goat Day

WU. Relay race: shuttle run with medball
A. Goat Work:
use this as an opportunity to work on something you feel needs some extra attention.  This can be olympic weightlifting technique work, gymnastic technique work, maybe even mobility.  That's just a few ideas.  During this time your coaches with be there to supervise, coach, help you figure out what you should work on.  Use this time wisely (save the chit-chat for before and after class, Leran).  ;)
B. "Annie"
double unders
Ab-mat sit-ups
*15 min cap.
This is a benchmark WOD.  Top male and female Rx'd times will immortalized on our leader board (at least until you are dethroned - yeah, like that'll ever happen!).
The 8pm class will be cancelled in observance of the announcement of 15.5. Join us for our last Open workout announcement party of the year!! 
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