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WOD - Thursday, 3/29/2018

WU: Rope climb practice

A. Strength: Bench press (9:00)

Build up to a heavy 5

B. Conditioning

With your favorite person to "hang" with

"Hangout with Me"


4 Rope climbs (2 x pull to stand, x 4 j-hooks)

12 Bench presses (185/115, 115/75)

60 Double unders (100 singles)

Divide the reps anyway you choose as long as its equal.

Extra Credit: Triceps

4 x ME Ring dips (:60 rest between sets)

4 x ME Banded push ups (:60 rest between sets)

4 x 25 Banded pull downs (:60 rest between sets)

When your preworkout kicks in.

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