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WOD - Thursday, 5/12/2016

Pre-class early birds/All-stars: Cross Symmetry prep

WU. Shoulder mobility


3 RNFT (6 minutes)

50 Double unders

25 ft. Handstand walk

Handstand walk scaling options:  

  1. Push up position plank - :30 hold 
  2. Push up plank - 25 shoulder taps 
  3. :30 handstand hold 
  4. Handstand with 25 shoulder taps
  5. Free standing handstands...

A. Strength: Gymnastics/Guns (15 minutes)

5 rounds for QUALITY reps

ME strict pull ups

rest exactly 1 minute

ME strict ring dips

rest exactly 1 minute

B. Conditioning:

4 Rounds for time

10 T2B

20 KBs (53/35)

1 Bill Murray suitcase carry (53/35)*

Time cap: 20 minutes

A suitcase carry is like a farmer's carry only you carry one object in one hand - not one in each hand. 

Extra Credit: Planks

1 min hold/1 min rest

x 5 (9 mins total)

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